behind the scenes.

who is salt and cedar

Salt and Cedar began with the idea to support the growth of my local community and collaborate with organizations I believe in.  Focusing on personal connection and the importance of community, I strive to meet each project with individuality and passion.

Salt and Cedar is supported by a community of developers, graphic artists and social media specialists.  I maintain ongoing partnerships with specialists in Branding, Marketing, Photography and Copy Writing.  I believe we work best when supported by the best!

– Brittany Lowden

Brittany Lowden

Founder | Designer

I find my greatest influences in the natural environment around us, the ocean, fog in the trees and the coolness of a northern rainforest.  I live in a self built tiny home, tucked at the base of a mountain, with my dog Django, two very vocal chickens and two ridiculous ducks. (The birds are outside of course!)


Motivational Pupper

Django’s strengths lie in his ability to destress anyone with a love of snuggles and naps.