People are online each and everyday, encountering new websites, trends and information.

Your website is your face to the world!  Many non-profits do not maintain a physical office, or have limited exposure to the public at their location.  Your website is the most important way for the public to interact with you.  At a glance, your website tells your story.

What do you want the public to see?

Your Organization Mission

Your Programs and Events

Ways to Donate and Volunteer

Your Social Media Profiles

Looking at these important points, you can see how your website should be viewed as a source of revenue and partnerships for your organization. A website that lacks functionality, information or a user friendly design will not present the best image.


Mobile Friendly Design

I often see a lack of mobile functionality on websites, not just non-profit sites. A design should focus on mobile first, creating content and navigation based on the trend for increased smartphone usage.

A recent study found that the top pet peeves when viewing a non-profit site include:

  • trying to navigate a non-mobile friendly site
  • not being able to find informaton quickly, such as contact information
  • websites that are missing information

Know Your Audience

Like any successufl website, your organizations site should encourge users to get involved! As a non-profit, this is most typcally in the form of donations. Having a donate button at the forefront of each page makes it easy for a visitor to feel invovled and to help out!

Make it easy to donate! One of the biggest issues I’ve seen are payment processing buttons not configured properly, causing the visitor frustration, and you a loss of a donation.


Social media is a great tool for you!  Encourage visitors to follow your social meida accounts, share your posts and get involved. 

Including a newsletter to stay up to date on your organizations events and programs is another great way to engage! 

Other ways to encourage engagement include online polls and registration for upcoming events.

Good Design to represent Good Work!

Your website is often the first anyone sees of your organiztion and your work. It is your chance at a first imression to establish your reputation and build support.  You’ve worked so hard to get your organization off the ground, let’s keep it going!