web maintenance

keeping you online.

Why is online maintenance important to your business?

Building a website is much like building a house. You wouldn’t just lock it up and walk away. A website needs regular maintenance, including updates to themes, plugins and backups to ensure that it continues to function like the day you launched. 

Maintenance protects your website and information from malware attacks and security breaches.

I offer both Monthly and On-Demand Maintenance and Design Edits.


monthly maintenance

Level One


Support Hours: 3 (For smaller sites, up to 8 pages)

Backups: Monthly
Ongoing SEO updates and analysis
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
General Updates and Design Editing

Level Two


Support Hours: 5 (For medium to large sites)

Backups: Monthly
Ongoing SEO updates and analysis
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Annual Report including updates, optimization, security and performance

Support hours are typically used for

Performing updates and backups
WordPress website maintenance
Adding recent news and blog postings to the website
Updating new staff profiles
Updating pricing & menu items
Updating events, classes and workshops
Updating hours of operation, schedules and contact information
Enhancing existing content and pages for SEO
Adding new images and text to your website

*Maintenance does not include the design of new pages or graphic design

On Demand Maintenance

I offer quick turn around on regular updates and design edits!

Billed on the quarter hour, at an hourly rate of $70, this is a great option for little tweeks to your website.
For example, 30 minutes would be billed at $35.

Minimum billing of 30 minutes.